Our Reservation Policy

A nonrefundable reservation fee of $200 is required. This will serve as a deposit and will be placed towards the purchase price of your kitten. Reserving a kitten will be available by order of your spot on the reservation list, going by date of deposit paid. 

Deposits to hold your place in line are nonrefundable unless Mittens & Folds has an issue placing a kitten with you in a timely manner. 
Please verify that you are NOT allergic to cats before inquiring and securing a deposit because refunds will not be given due to allergies.

The cattery reserves the right to cancel the adoption process for any reason. In the event of a cancellation from our end, your reservation fee will be refunded via Zelle. 
If you would like to join our reservation list, please fill in the application form. Verify that you have reviewed the reservation policies and pricing and that everything sounds agreeable before submitting the form.

If someone has already made a reservation on the kitten of your choice, you can choose to be put on the waitlist, and be notified in the event of a buyer cancellation.
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